Friday, August 8, 2008

The Race begins

The Olympics began tonight...but we decided instead to watch the Tin Man episode 3.  I am half-heartedly boycotting the games, and DH doesn't want to watch what they put on the television.  Instead he is currently watching women's sharp-shooting live.  

Why am I (half-heartedly) boycotting the games?  Because, like many people, I am concerned with the laundry list of human rights violations that China has racked up (esp. Tibet).  I was also disturbed by the comments made by the PRC in response to Pres. Bush's comments on how freedom of religion and speech are ultimately good for the county.  Its (half-hearted) because I'm not usually that interested in the Olympics anyway.  I can't claim to be giving up much.

The race I am referring to is the proverbial rat-race.

Next week begins on-campus interviews and I am so proud to have a few! I remember just last year... hoping against hope that I would be one of the ones dressed up with a place to go in one of the many small interview rooms on campus. While not everything has worked out as I'd hoped, it appears I will be quite busy this year.

This week brought heavy winds to our fair city, but unfortunately, our corner received no rain. 
The lack of rain (big surprise there) has led to the garden being very wilted... more so than earlier in the summer, since DH has decided he is tired of watering it early in the morning,  during our allotted times (and no rain in our puny rain barrel!)  We are also really running out of places to put all of the tomatoes.  We planted six plants: one Lemon Boy, one Golden Jubilee, two Mountain Fresh, one Roma and one Mr. Stripey.  The only one that didn't get huge was the Mr. Stripey, planted last in the shade of the other plants.  We learned our lesson:  don't plant six tomato plants!  Also, don't plant them so close-they're like a forest of tomato leaves-I can hardly see the plants.  (For those interested we also planted bush beans-mine, yellow crooked-neck squash, Hungarian peppers-mine, Japanese white eggplant, red, yellow, green and purple bell peppers, corn, okra and asparagus came up on its own-oh and lettuce back in the early spring)

This is from some time in July-today we had at least four times that amount of tomatoes.

On to fiber!  I have been knitting and spinning quite a bit lately.  I finished the BFL from the Spinning Loft.

I also completed my Frontier Blues Jacket by Wendy Bernard, but I left the whole thing at my parent's house!  I've decided to add some toggle buttons held on by i-cords, since I am a cardigan-buttoned-up type person.  I have to go to the city next friday for an interview, so I'll stop by and pick that up.  (And the dog's harness, and the assorted other things I left scattered around the house).

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the French Lilac roving spun up, but will next time.  

However, I purchased approximately 4 oz. of Louet roving called Grape Jelly, and spun that it into about 300 yards of worsted weight yarn.  I'm so proud of myself for spinning it so finely!  That I did while watching the first two episodes of the Tin Man.  And some episodes of The Riches.

I am also working on a vest for Warm Woolies

The pattern is called Good Day Cables, is very easy, and is listed on their website.

Last but not least-tonight I picked up the Easy-Peasy Eye Pillow, from Shut Up, I'm Counting.  Her blog is hilarious and the pattern is super easy.  Lots of great Christmas presents coming right along!

Tomorrow I'm off to try and get some dogs adopted in the morning.  There's one in particular I want to go to a good home.  I wish I could adopt them all... but our house is a zoo as it is!


SKConley said...

I am half-heartedly boycotting the games too! It is kind of hard sometimes - because I like to have noise in the backgorund.

Desky said...

Wow, you are already starting on X-mas presents. I'm impressed. I'm also going to look up the show Tin Man. So far it looks really interesting on IMDB.

twinstars said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hello to a fellow Georgia resident! I found your request for people to visit your blog on the RAK group - August Wishlists. I like the name of your blog -- have fun with your "illegal" knitting. ;-)

-- Patricia/twinstars from Ravelry