Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I meant that in an ironic way.

But seriously folks... OMG Super-Stress time!

I signed up to participate in the Mock Trial competition.  For those of you not fully fluent in legalese, its what it says it is.  We pretend to have a trial and play the lawyer for one side.  Or in our case, we play the team of lawyers for one side.

I really had no idea how much work it would be.  I guess I should have realized I had no idea how to conduct a trial, but I didn't.  So this weekend was the start of my sleep bruxism (tooth-grinding).

DH woke me up on Saturday night to tell me I was grinding my teeth and it sounded awful (and I should stop).  Sunday I woke up, not very well rested, and my jaw ached.  My entire head ached, as well.  Monday I happened to have a dentist appointment and he confirmed that I was grinding my teeth, although I had not yet done any damage.

I've tried the little night-guard things you can buy at the drug-store with minimal success.  Apparently the way to go for those are to get one custom made, but that will run about $400, and this semester's loan money is already dwindling.  Funny thing is that last night I apparently took the night guard out of my mouth and into its case, while asleep.  I woke up thinking it had fallen out-nope-on the nightstand in its case.

I'm trying to reduce my stress.  Today has been a super-busy day, but I made time to go to lunch with my knitting group and I even brought my knitting to school.  I got in a few rows on a birthday gift after I ate.  Even now, when I should be working on my closing argument, its tempting me.  

So I'll keep trying not to be stressed-which stresses me out more-and hope that one day soon I can wake up without my jaw hurting.   

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