Tuesday, September 2, 2008


September is my favorite month.  It has my birthday in it, it is approximately the start of school (and I do love school... and school supplies) and it is supposed to be the beginning of fall.  The places I have lived have never gotten the memo about fall starting in September, however, but it is a little cooler.  The sun goes down earlier, so at least the scorching sun-heat is less than it was a month ago.

The long weekend was nice, but of course, very busy.  I felt like I didn't get a big break, since DH, the Max and I were racing across the state to visit family.  We had a nice time with everyone, though, so it was worth it.  

I did manage to make it over to the famer's market, however, and was given some beautiful Blue Faced Leister (spelling?) that I quickly spun up.  It was not as clean as commercial roving, but was a million times nicer than the stuff I've been making with my pathetic hand cards.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people out there who turn out beautiful, clean and easy to spin roving with hand cards (or would they be called rolags), but I am not one of them.  Mine look like oddly shaped cotton balls and are full of vegetable matter, lanolin and small cuts of hair that make bumps in my singles.  This had some lanolin and only one or two twigs (and a dead ladybug) but was still really nice to work with.  And the person who gave it to me was so gracious!  I loved it.  I've already spun and plied it, but I forgot to take a photo, so you'll have to look at the unfinished roving:

I also purchased some handspun silk with beads.  Its so beautiful and soft!  I think this is the first time I've ever bought silk, and I'm excited to figure out something lovely to make from it!  It has also inspired me to try and add some beads to some of my handspun.  I'm thinking Fetching?

This is some more of that Lorna's Laces roving that I've been spinning up.  Its so pretty!


And I'm about to post a big update on my Etsy shop: BlueMuttDesigns.

These are a few of what I've been creating:
(I think they look nice in my thrift store china!)


Now that my externship has begun, I'm a bit busier during the week.  But I'm still going to find time for knitting :)  Always.

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celestequest said...

Those are gorgeous stitch markers! I want! Very nice yarn, too. Yum...