Monday, October 27, 2008

Saff continued

The Loot

625 yards of laceweight

4 oz of Blue Faced Liecester

2 oz of llama

Superwash merino and 30% alpaca-total of 6 oz!

4 oz of Wensleydale roving

4 oz each of superwash merino

Small trash bag full of unwashed alpaca-natural colored

3.5 oz of alpaca batt

I did very well, budgeting myself to get a lot of fiber for my dollar.  

We had a great time!  Friday was rainy, but we got there so late we only spent about an hour in the sales arena with Susannah and looking around.  Mom picked up a new drop spindle and some alpaca and spent the evening spinning.  I worked on my handspun scarf I am making for my MIL.  It's purty.  Pictures later.

Saturday we woke up really early and rushed over.  We waited patiently for Target to open so we could get some Starbucks.  Then we rushed over and realized we were early.  I thought the other vendors might not be happy with us wandering around before they got there, so we waited in the car until 8:40.  Then we saw most of them were getting ready so we headed over to Susannah's booth.  We started unpacking for her and then helped her get set up when she arrived.

Then it was on.  It was mostly a blur, but somewhere in there I acquired all the fiber pictured above and my new spinning wheel!  Its an Ashford Kiwi, and I love it!  We got an amazing deal (b/c we bought two) and I love the style.  I've been wanting an upright wheel and this one has a little more contemporary look that I love from Louet and Lendrums without the price.  I'm so happy!  I've been spinning on it the last two days. 

Sunday I spun up 3 oz of the superwash merino/alpaca in brown and last night 1 oz of llama.

On another note, I've been reading Three Cups of Tea.  It is the amazing true story of a man who is trying to help educate the children of Pakistan and Afghanistan in an attempt to stomp out hatred.  We all know that there are few options for people in those countries, and ignorance leads to hatred of other groups.  (just look at the Germans post WWI)  He builds schools (55 now) in those two countries in the most remote regions, the ones that have historically been the most susceptible to influence by fundamentalist Saudi muslims who promote hatred of America.  There he has educated thousands of children and have given them a chance at a productive life without attending the madrassas that the Saudi fundamentalist Muslims build.

Its an amazing story; full of his real life adventures (and misadventures) but overall, a great read.  Everyone should check it out!

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