Sunday, November 16, 2008

Criminal Procedure and stress

This has been my life this weekend:

I guess I shouldn't complain too much.  I am in law school.  But I spent so much time on my computer at my desk today that my wrists hurt.  Sitting in the lounge chair, however, my wrists aren't pressing on the uncomfortable (but trendy looking) edge of my macbook.

Yeah, so I never thought I'd want one of those mushy wrist things.  But I totally do.  Luckily my mother thinks she needs to buy me one, so I might have one soon!  

But whenever I am really busy with law school, I have to knit.  Knitting is my stress relief.  Lord knows I've been under stress lately.  So what have I done?  Spun 4 oz of superwash merino from Knit Fit Knitting.

I'm not sure they sell roving on the site, but I picked this up at SAFF in a cute little plastic take-out style box.  By the time I really stopped at her booth I was low on funds, so I wasn't able to pick up one of her cute bags, but I really want one!

No picture right now b/c Blogger is doing something crazy to my photos.  But later!

I've also been spending some time at Chore Wars (Knit Wars).  This is a website along the lines of a role-playing game.  Lime and Violet started a team and I think it now includes 2,000 people.  For each knitting or spinning related thing you do you get experience points, you can go on adventures and various other fun things.  Yeah, so that's been a drain on my spare time :)  That's ok, its really fun!

Also, I spun up 2 oz of an alpaca batt I picked up at SAFF.  I don't know if its the alpaca or the fact its a batt, but I couldn't quite get my tension right.  Its overspun in parts, underspun in others and overall quite bumpy.  I've got another 2 oz so I'll try again.  But its still really, really soft!

This hat is the One-Skein Noro hat.  Its really simple but is really cute.  I have one problem though.  DH gave me this yarn a few years ago when he gave me a book called Holiday Knits (I think) and I was supposed to make ornaments.  Well, I didn't, and I'm making up Christmas presents so I figured I'd use this skein of Noro Silk Garden lite.  The problem is that I'm not entirely sure that I found all of the unfinished ornaments.  So hopefully I'll make it to the end!

If not, I suppose I can frog it and try again.

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