Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh, you know, just law

My best friend called today to ask how my holiday was.  Holiday?  I forgot we had one.  You mean that day that I didn't study and instead ate food, played Wii and fixed my computer so I could take an exam on it?  Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  Since then its been a never-ending blur of outlining, writing a paper, eating and having nightmares about outlining.  And that doesn't seem to be ending any time soon.

I am not nearly done outlining.  Gasp.  Not really.  I'm not terribly worried.  My schedule for studying involves 3 full days per course, and since I only have 4 exam courses, that works out so I don't have to "start" until Monday.  That is a misnomer of course, since I have to complete the outlines preferably before I "start," which will not be done.  

Where I'm at:

Natural Resources: done-need to review it
Criminal Procedure: done
Con Law: 1/2 done
Trusts and Estates: 1/4 done

I am over halfway done with all of them, but they aren't really all equal.  For example, Natural Resources is only 20 pages total, while Constitutional Law is 32 pages at 1/2 complete.  Clearly I did the easier ones first.

Today I slept in a little and started working on a paper for my non-exam class, the one I did my externship through.  That got really boring so I dozed off and laid in bed for a nap.  I had a nightmare about waking up from my nap and realizing it was 7:30 pm so I panicked and woke up.  I had been asleep for 45 minutes and it wasn't quite noon. 

DH says, "You know maybe law school wasn't the best choice for you.  It seems to stress you out too much."
My response, "Too late to change horses midstream."

Because that's where we are at.  As soon as I take these pesky finals, I am midway through law school.  Honestly, I never thought it would happen.  But lookit, we're very very close to being halfway done, its kind of crazy.

In other news, I have been knitting.  (It keeps me sane and makes sure I don't have those pesky nightmares every time I close my eyes)

Ok, this one I technically made last week.  The Birthday Cowl made with beautiful silk handspun from my friend Susannah at Harvest Moon Garden.

This one is a sideways Tudora from Knitty.  This is made with some Alpaca and Silk by Blue Sky Alpaca that was given to me by Courtney who said she didn't need it anymore and had too much yarn.  Wow, I never have too much alpaca and silk, just too much acrylic.

Well, there is more, including my first ever sockweight handspun, but its been dreary outside and rainy so no pictures yet!  I'll put those up soon.  If I ever finish this outlining!

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