Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well, it is nearly Christmas and I am getting tired of Christmas preparations! The fall semester is over and I have one grade already. I'm pleased with the one that is back, so that is a good start to the break. The last few days have been a flurry of cleaning, organizing, shopping and sewing. My holiday knitting is done, but I decided to sew a few projects. On Sunday I completed my tree skirt, which I think looks nice. The remaining project is a quilt that I have nearly completed. A few more blocks need to be put together, then the quilt needs to be bound and quilted. I'm kind of getting tired of sewing though-I will probably take a little bit of a break from it after I finish this last project.

Its been so long since I posted on here; I guess that will be a New Year's resolution for me! I'll leave you with a few pictures of what has been going on here:

A quilt for my FIL's birthday:

A visit to Harvest Moon Garden:

Max watching the squirrel eating our pumpkin:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A very cold rainforest

Oh man, its chilly out. I went to the farmer's market and had seriously underdressed. I'm still feeling chilled, 45 minutes later. At least we have our heat on now-its awesome! I love how it comes out along the baseboards, and you'll walk past one and get a shot of warm air on your feet!

This was a pretty busy week for me. School's been going, we had the knitters over on Thursday, and Friday a couple classmates and I volunteered at the local food bank. Now generally, I enjoy volunteering. But law school has kept me so busy that I haven't had much time for that. (I've done a few Saturdays trying to adopt dogs for the Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter) But we were given an opportunity to get extra credit for 6 hours of community service so we spent 3 hours yesterday putting a selection of canned and dry food into boxes. We got two pallets (85) boxes nearly full and would have finished both but we ran out of canned food to put in it. It was a nice afternoon but my back and legs were hurting afterwards! We all realized how lucky we are to be in law school and becoming lawyers, not working in an assembly line. Or doing actual community service.

Knitting wise, I've been finishing some things. I've completed some stuff for Warm Woolies, a great charity. I also completed and blocked this beautiful Ishbel (Ravelry link). This is knit out of merino/cashmere that I purchased from my friend Melanie at Lotus Yarns. The colorway is called Veronica and it is so soft and warm, I'm wearing it around my neck right now.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Apparently we now live in a rain forest

I woke up today at 11:30. I woke up first at 8:20 when DH was leaving for work, took the dog out (or, dumped him off the side of the carport onto leaves so he would go out in the rain--don't worry, its only a foot drop), and promptly went back to sleep. It was so grey out and raining and the sound of rain on the roof was so comforting. I woke up 3 hours later with my right arm asleep and Rascal meowing in my face. Luckily I don't have class until 3:30. I did have plans for today though.

Seriously though, Weather, what is the deal? We have drought conditions for a couple of years, so bad that there's talk of rationing water, and then this year we have unprecedented rain and flooding in areas of Atlanta that no one even knew could flood. My new yard is very flat so the rain sort of pools in it, but the house is slightly above the front yard and four steps above the back, so we don't have to worry about flooding. I suppose the crawlspace under the house might be damp, but we don't have anything under there.

I am so mad at myself for not buying a new umbrella. In fact, I might leave early for class to go to Target. I kept telling myself a couple of weeks ago (during our week of rain) that I was going to buy a new one. I actually have two. One I purchased during my first fall here at UGA in 2004 and has two broken spokes so it dumps water on you on that side. The other was given to me a few months ago and is great, except its ridiculously small. It only keeps my head dry and even without a backpack, everything below my shoulders gets wet. Looking at the forecast, I might have to go buy another one. (I had a great, perfect one I bought when I worked at FP but someone stole it last year during exams- while I was studying downtown at a cafe).

Knitting wise- I finally finished the Featherweight Cardigan (ravelry link) which I made out of some Alpaca with a Twist Fino, an alpaca and silk laceweight yarn. I was excited to manage to only use 1 skein, but I had bought another just in case. I'll actually probably make it again, but make a smaller one. Its a little looser than I would have liked, even though it is only the medium. But its a bargain for a sweater and its a great weight for Georgia. (I'll get a photo later, it only dried on Friday)

I'm pretty proud of this one. This is the Ishbel Beret (ravelry link) by Ysolda Teague, an awesome designer from Scotland. I purchased her pattern book and have made two out of the nine patterns, with plans for more. This was a gift for my friend Viki who a) lives in a colder climate than me and b) styles her hair, hence the looser hat style. There is an Ishbel scarf/shawl that I also made, but that is still drying. I made the scarf size for me out of my friend Melanie's Chakra yarn, a handdyed superwash merino and cashmere blend. It is absolutely beautiful and SO SOFT. I can't wait to wear it out.

I've also been sewing a lot. I've made three curtains for our new house, one for the bathroom and two for the dining room. They're basic, tab-topped curtains but I really like the fabric. The one in the picture is the bathroom and it is Amy Butler fabric. The dining rooms are black with red flowers and are from Joann's.

I also made a laptop case out of some Amy Butler fabric. (I got a birthday coupon and got a little carried away). I used a free tutorial I found online and it worked out pretty good. It works great in my new book bag that Ellen gave me for my birthday:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Camping in Helen

As I write this, DH and I are watching "My Monkey Baby" on TLC. It is absolutely ridiculous. I have serious problems with people owning monkeys as pets. But that is for animal welfare and animal rights reasons. I have problems with people owning monkeys as pets and treating them like babies for personal reasons. I guess its a personal reason. The actual reason is I think its seriously messed up.

A real quote "when people say she's a monkey, I get mad. She's my daughter."

And, without further ado, videos from our camping trip:



We went to Andrew's Cove, a campground inside the Chattahoochee National Forest about four miles north of Helen, Ga. It was just a dry run so we didn't plan on being gone for very long. Neither of us had planned a camping trip ourselves, but had gone with other people, so we gave it a try. It was pretty successful, except we forgot some tinder to start the fire with and also utensils. It worked out though. (I drove to Helen and bought firestarter and some BBQ with utensils)

Ugh. This show is like a train wreck. I can't pull myself away, and I can't keep watching. These people have an unhealthy obsession with these monkeys. Also, a couple decided to get a monkey instead of having children and then went to the breeder's house and even saw the disgusting kennel she had. It was sad. Although I can't complain that these people are choosing not to have children. I'm afraid for the state of Arkansas with all those Duggars running around.

Ok now one of the monkey owners is calling her pet psychic to find out if "Slick Willy" ate one of her thyroid pills that went missing. Seriously. That woman is nutsy, but that "psychic" is kind of messed up for chancing that kind of thing. I mean, if that monkey had eaten the pill, even the psychic (who is obviously just taking advantage of pet owners) would feel bad if it died.

Oh dear. I'll have to have more knitting content in a day or so. I'm unable to tear myself away from this show and its just full of craziness. I really hope this isn't a series.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3L year

So... classes have started. I really am liking my classes, although they can be boring. Legal Profession and Pension and Employee Benefit Law, for example. They just sound boring when you read them.

DH and I are in the midst of battling an epic flea battle in our new house. That is new house as in new RENTAL house. I posted on Facebook that we were going to go work in our new house and everyone freaked out. Remind me not to post anything slightly vague or someone might think I'm pregnant. (I'm not!)

So we found this awesome 3 bedroom 1 bath house with adorable hardwood floors and trim, a ridiculously dated kitchen and a fenced in back yard. Its behind the hospital (ARMC) and is within walking distance for DH. Oh, and its in our budget.

But it has fleas! So bad!!! I have never had a flea infestation in my house and now we do. Luckily we overlapped the lease for this place with our current lease so we havent officially moved in yet, but we are anxiously awaiting moving in. We painted all of the rooms (except my office and bathroom) and then I painted all of the trim so it is fresh and clean. After 2 flea bombs and 2 professional exterminator visits, we may have finally solved the problem. I certainly hope so, but I am not sure since the exterminator just left this evening.

I hate using such strong chemicals but poor Max is very allergic to flea bites. When he gets just one he scratches and scratches. With just a few bites last weekend I had to get him some steroids to avoid him losing too much fur (and possibly getting an infection from scratching himself raw). I'm looking into some more natural solutions to keep fighting these fleas (b/c I've read they take a while to really get rid of) and have some options.

But this weekend is my best friend's wedding and I will be busy with wedding stuff, being the matron of honor and all that. Next weekend, my birthday weekend, we'll be renting a truck and moving everything. We've got a lot moved, but have more to go.

My most recent obsession is this book: Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich. I found it while walking through my local library in the New section and absolutely loved it. DH loved it too. Its all about this woman (only 2 years older than me) attempting to homestead while working a regular corporate job, and having no history of farming. DH pointed out that a lot of the stuff she didn't know about homesteading was stuff he knew, but he grew up in the country. Most of what she learned and describes in the book was stuff I didn't know either. In fact, the only things I knew that she didn't was the stuff about the fiddle. I played the viola in school and while taking lessons when we lived in Raleigh, I learned the basics of fiddling (from a real blue grass fiddler).

Knitting wise: been cranking out crap for sure. Not so many pictures though.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Winning with the Kalashnikov

The title to this entry is the title of a book a homeless man was reading downtown today. I should say that I don't know for sure if he was homeless, since he was reading and not panhandling as our local homeless usually do. He could have had a home, and just dressed like a homeless person.

At any rate, that was the book title. Surprisingly, that title is listed on, but there are no summaries. A further googling informed me it is actually a book about chess moves. Much less dramatic but equally interesting. He's not a homeless man who is homicidal, he is a homeless man who is really into chess. I guess you have to spend your time somehow in Tent City.

On the knitting front, I have what the Yarn Harlot has called "Cast-On-Itis." Or at least I think it was her. She is the "Oprah" of the knitting world (Thank you Nate!). To be fair, I did finish one project today. But then I committed myself to making five preemie bereavement outfits for a hospital in the Virgin Islands. They do go fast, but they are knit with acrylic and make my hands hurt. There is no set charity, that I know of, but they go directly to the hospital.

Well, I'm done for now. Signing off.

Just finished project on Tuesday:

Monday, July 27, 2009

The end of July already!

Wow, DH and I were figuring out a camping trip and realized it is nearly August. Where did my summer go? Its nearly time for classes again... and I am excited. I'm not nearly as excited to graduate as I might have been if the economy was better, but I'm pretty highly ranked at a good school and have some skills... if I do say so myself.

This month, when I wasn't travelling to Chicago (or Chi-town as the obnoxious guy on the plane in front of us insisted on referring to it as), I was participating in the Tour de Fleece. This consisted of spinning yarn every day that the Tour de France raced. It was a lot easier than the real Tour, but I definitely didn't burn as much calories.

Instead, I produced this:

I'm pretty proud. There's some mill ends I dyed from The Sheep Shed Studio (purple in the back), blue-faced leicester from Susannah I carded myself (green in back left), a few ounces of alpaca spun to laceweight in the center (naturally colored), yellow and red (in the front) organic merino batts from Spinspanspun, and 2 ounces of cormo (also from Susannah) still on the bobbin.

And in other news... my car is broken (sob). Only 4 months after the warranty expired, my car's alternator and battery died and left us stranded at DH's parents' house. We were able to jump it and drive it home, but that was a stressful (and hot-with no air conditioning) hour. Today I got the diagnosis and I am very upset. This is ridiculous, for a 3 year old car to need a new altnerator.

We'll see what happens next. Maybe the dealer will come through for me.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour de Fleece

The Tour de France started yesterday, and while I am not a particularly big fan of cycling (not that its showing at any decent time), I am participating in the Tour de Fleece, mainly on This is a challenge for spinners to spin every day, resting on the rest days of the tour, and challenging myself on the challenging (read: mountain) days. Yesterday and today I have kept up, spinning two 1.8 ounce organic merino batts from that I couldn't resist.

Other than that, my class is about to end. I have my final mediation on Thursday, and after that I will be able to register as a court-annexed mediator. I'm contemplating some business cards, since there is no requirement that you be an attorney to be a mediator. If I had some made now, I could keep them after I graduate, provided my email and phone number don't change.

Tonight I posted some handspun on It is like our Locally Grown website, except the only items available are crafts like soap, yarn and well... anything. Its pretty neat. I don't know that I will sell any yarn, but I figure I could find a home for some and use that money to buy more roving... or pay bills. You know, the important things in life.

Aside from being addicted to New Moon by Stephanie Meyers for the last 48 hours (I finally finished it today), that's about it. Feeding the neighbors dogs, spinning, reading and trying to get the motivation to start a job hunt.

I'm setting a goal for myself: this week I make an appointment with the career services people to talk about my plan. I will do that, I think.

Today I sewed a dress but it needs to be pressed and also I need to find a slip or something. The fabric is shirting material, so its not really suited to the dress. I might put a lining on it, or possibly find a slip.

Here's some photos of today and yesterday's spinning. I've started a couple of cool projects that I'll share when I finish them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I don't like beer, but...

The Most Interesting Man in the World: I don't like beer, but these are some of the cleverest commercials I've seen in a long time.  "He can disarm you with his mind. Or his hands."

So its hot.  Today was the hottest yet, although tomorrow we're looking at 100.  Ugh.  Tomorrow I have to go to class, so I have to walk a ways from my parking downtown.  That means I get hot and sweaty before I go into class for THREE hours.  Spring is definitely my favorite season. 

I also am suffering from some serious mosquito bites I received while washing my car on Sunday with DH.  He wore pants (smart) and I had already gotten a bunch of bites before I thought about putting on repellant.  Then I decided it was already too late so I didn't put any on.  I am regretting that decision.  Today I slathered it on for our walk.  

I've been knitting, but nothing major to show right now.  I'm working on a pair of socks by my friend Melanie of Lotus Yarns.  I'll post some pictures soon.

Here's a funny picture of Max trying to get a tennis ball out of the tennis ball holder.  He loves tennis balls.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer has arrived

So I'm blogging instead of walking to the bus stop. I started to do that, and then got to the end of the driveway and realized I will be in no shape to spend nearly 2 hours with 12 other people if I do that.  So I'll drive and now I have an extra 45 minutes.

I've been knitting a lot.  Coursework is minimal since its a certification based course for mediation, so we don't have cases to read.  We have some reading, but its not hard.  Participation and giving the role playing a try counts towards our grades, so I just have to really *be there*  during class.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon helping Melanie of Lotus Yarns dye yarn for the Sock Summit in August.  We had a great time, got a bunch of skeins dyed up, and chatted about crafting, cooking and whatever.  Be sure to check out her website, she's got a few for sale and can always take custom orders :)

On Saturday, Ellen, Mom and I went to ICE Atlanta, the Indie Craft Experience held at Centennial Olympic Park.  It was great, although I was disappointed in the lack of fiber crafts.  Some of my favorite booths were:

Ex Libris Anonymous: This company takes unwanted hardback books with cool vintage and retro covers and makes a journal out of the cover and back and the first few pages.  It makes a really great product and I really want one!  I was out of money by the time I got to the booth, however, but I'm sure I'll pick one up soon.

Just Add Honey: This company produces teas and had awesome iced tea for sale at the fair.  With temperatures creeping towards 90, we were ready for a drink but this was a great and delicious alternative to soda and bottled water.  It inspired me to go home and make some iced passion tea I had in the cabinet and am now enjoying.

Sublime Stitching: This company produces kits and transferable patterns of quirky and cool embroidery for decorating crafts.  I picked up one with crafting as a theme, and one using Black Apple's designs. (Check out her stuff, she's great too!) I"ll be sure to post whatever I end up embroidering with these designs.  

Whipstitch Fabrics: This is a fabric store in Atlanta that carries awesome lines of fabric for the modern sewer.  I got some delightful fabric pieces that coordinate and I can't wait to figure out what I'll make with them.

All of these booths, and more, got me really energized about crafting.  I've picked up a few charity projects I was working on and am now working towards Six for Six for Warm Woolies. 
This project is geared towards size 6 children's garments and after finishing a pair of socks for the Ten for Ten campaign, I cast on a vest using assorted bulky weight wool I had lying around.  My goal is to both make the requisite projects for these campaigns and use up the yarn I have lying around.  Reducing  my stash is definitely a goal.

This morning I felt like sewing and decided I needed a circular needle holder that I could display the needles on.  Here's the result:

The needles don't quite lay flat yet, but I'm hoping that they'll loosen up and I won't have the problems with needles twisting when I knit with them.  

My goal for the summer is to post each week.  Let's see how that goes :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bears, graduations and mountains

Yep, that's a bear.  DH and I went to Gatlinburg last weekend and after spending two days hiking in the mountains and seeing only deer and squirrels, we try to take a detour around some traffic in Gatlinburg proper and drive up on this bear.  It walked down the street towards us, turned towards this condo, checked that the trash can was chained shut and then went back into the woods.  I thought it was pretty big.  DH said it was only a couple hundred pounds, so not very large for a black bear.  I still think a couple hundred pounds is large enough for a black bear.  We were probably only 20 feet away when I took this shot from the car window.  

But before Gatlinburg, my life was busy.  Finishing exams, I went to Atlanta for my sister's college graduation and to house sit for a friend of the family.  We are all so proud of my sister, who graduated with an awesome GPA.  She can do anything she puts her mind to, and is going to do great things!  Go Megan!

After I arrived home, class started, and I had a couple of those before we left town.  Friday we drove to Gatlinburg and spent the next couple of days hiking and viewing spectacular sites.

This is off Clingman's Dome, the obligatory self-taken photo.  Despite not having worn proper footwear and having aching legs, we climbed 330 feet in .5 miles to reach the highest point in the Smoky Mountains.  This is off of the side of the mountain, but was still pretty darn high.

This is a beautiful picture from Cades' Cove, a historic settlement that is now a living museum in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

This is Laurel Falls.  It is an easy 1.3 mile paved path off of the main road leading to Cades' Cove in the park.  It is named for the mountain laurel that was flowering while we were there.  Some nice man took a picture of DH and I at the falls, but I was wearing unfortunate shorts that day and appear about 30 pounds heavier than I actually am.  I'll be cropping those pictures.

Knitting wise, I kept things pretty simple.  I bought some new yarn at the spinning shop in town and cast them on.  After several false starts, I know have 30% of a pair of Trilobite Socks from Wendy Johnson's new book, Socks from the Toe Up.  

This is how far I was once we reached Georgia and were only an hour from my parents house. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

On Con Law, counter butter and fibery goodness

This is my new counter butter dish. I'm not sure what it is really called, but it keeps the butter at room temperature, so its wonderfully spreadable. The butter goes in the small container attached to the lid, which is inverted into the larger cube that has cool water on the bottom to keep air out. Reading online, I discovered that butter will go rancid eventually at room temperature, but it takes a while. Also, until it goes rancid, it won't hurt you, but when it is rancid, it would be bad to eat. But when it goes rancid, its pretty noticeable and so DH keeps smelling it closely when I put it on bread. I have faith I'll notice rancid butter before I eat it. I put one stick in there, so hopefully that won't go bad. If it does, we'll use half a stick. The best part? $5 at TJ Maxx.

This is just a taste of the dyeing I did this week. I dyed 8 ounces of Correidale that I purchased at the Spinning Loft.

I got the dye from Indie Dyer at Stitches South. I got several other beautiful colors and dyed up around a pound of fiber. Now to get to spinning!

Speaking of spinning. The above yarn is my handspun from Lisa Souza's fiber I purchased at Stitches. Its Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and spun up wonderfully! If I hadn't dyed up my own... I would probably order some more!

And the Con Law part (constitutional law)...  that's what I've been really doing.  I outlined, and now I'm studying for that exam, my last. I'm also finishing up some written work for two other classes.  Overall, I should be done soon, and boy, I can't wait!

Ok, now off to study. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stitches South

Mom and I went to Stitches South yesterday and had a good time. I took a (much needed) break from studying, although it was hard to get back to work today and not cast-on or start spinning! (Exams start tomorrow) No photographs from the event, unfortunately, since the company that hosts it won't allow them. But it was nice, nonetheless.

The loot:

I think I really made my dollar stretch, although I do have to admit there were some cash infusions throughout the event. While Stitches was fun... I have to say I think SAFF is better.

I may be biased. Firstly, I'm a spinner. There wasn't much roving at Stitches.  There was some great stuff, see Ashland bay (yellow) and Lisa Souza BFL above, plus the unpurchased but much ogled the Knit Witch, Gale's Art Fibers, and SpinKnit Amia.

But the spinning wasn't the focus; mass-produced yarns I can buy at my great local yarn shop was the focus. I was very surprised by this. I mean, Stitches was held in Atlanta. But if you're in Atlanta, you can go to the great Atlanta and North Georgia area yarn shops and buy everything there! (That's not true-you can only buy most of the yarn there!) In fact, some of the biggest booths were local yarn shops. (Of course, Webs, Yarn Universe and Discount Yarn Sale were there too; see Sockotta above)

I'm all for supporting local yarn shops-heck, I do it all the time (to the detriment of my checking balance). But I was hoping for more indie dyers like SAFF. There were some awesome ones, but I was spoiled by SAFF and the amazing variety and number of small indie dyers.

I scored some dyes from Indie Dyer which was great because I got to see the colors in a sample skein and saved on shipping. I have at least two pounds of undyed roving waiting to be colored with some beautiful shades! 

Overall verdict: Fun couple of hours but no SAFF. I'll be in attendance next year, but I'm booking a hotel for SAFF too!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Whirlwind

The whirlwind is the last few weeks of a semester in which you realize you have two papers to write, two outlines to do, a journal, a case plan, a learning appraisal, forty more internship hours, club elections and oh yeah, just a little bit more reading for class.

I am swept up in the whirlwind at the moment.

I was momentarily stunned last week when I realized my wrists hurt. Like oh my GOD hurt. They ache in the middle but over time the pain radiates into my hands. After two visits to the health center, a blood test, and a trip to Care Medical, I officially have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Although pain is not a common symptom, when doing the other carpal tests, I do have the numbness associated with carpal tunnel. So the pain=carpal tunnel syndrome.

So what is a 2L to do? Pop ibuprofin, wear wrist splints at night and after class, and continue typing (and knitting). Really, what am I supposed to do? I'm sorry, but not type is not an option. Clearly I am typing now, and yes, it hurts. But I have TWO PAPERS AND TWO OUTLINES TO WRITE. Not to mention the myriad of assorted nonsense that is the other assignments. In real life (i.e. not high school or undergrad), some times you have to suck it up. This is not a pregnancy, or appendicitis or other assorted maladies that often plague law students who are a) in the prime of their young adulthood and b) so overwhelmed with stress that their body rebels in weird ways. This is just some wrist pain. 

So typing away I go. I've written 25 pages in the last three weeks, mostly in the last three days, for one paper. I've written 0 pages for the other. (That is this weekend's project). There will be more typing, and then there will be rest. 

Knitting also hurts my wrists. And my knitting usually comes at the end of the day (i.e. when I've already typed all day and my wrists already hurt). But knitting is a requirement in my life. It's stress relief. If I didn't have my projects to focus on I would stress about law school and life in general. Its a trade off: slightly more wrist pain but calm mind. Yoga would help too but I don't have the time for that during the whirlwind.

I complain, but I am very lucky. Carpal tunnel syndrome is no broken leg, or real serious injury that many people suffer from. Its a little painful, but I'll deal. And hey, the wrist brace is kind of hot. (In a really weird way-but its the little things)

On the knitting side: I have finished my third pair of socks this year (2009). My goal was to use up three more skeins, the sum total of the sock yarn I owned at the start of 2009. One skein may be out of the running as I have determined it requires a size 0 needle. There are two problems to that requirement: 1) I do not own a size 0 needle which would require at least $14 of investment money I do not have and 2) the particular pattern I liked required that I get gauge for the cables. (Absinthe from Knitty) A third problem (which I thought I solved with the pattern choice) was that the color of this yarn is a solid sage green. Solid. I don't like to knit with solid-its too boring. It took me hours to find the pattern-only to discover my gauge was much too wrong.

Oh well; here are the socks I did finish. Fruit Loops, also from an earlier edition of Knitty, in yarn purchased at Main Street.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oops-its almost April

I can't believe its already April! (Almost) This month has flown by! First there was the snowstorm (in last post), then I went to Michigan with my mother and sister and it was raining. Then we came back and it was raining and DH and I went to Yellow River Game Ranch

DH feeding a TAME SQUIRREL! I can't believe it! It almost climbed up his arm. Although that might have been a little scary actually.

DH feeding a TAME DEER! These were so cute and soft. They let you pet them too! 

Then I had a monster flu/virus thing that literally knocked me off my feet for three or four days. Then it was the weekend and last week was school busy and now we are almost to April.  

This is my Mystery Sweater by LISMI.  This pattern is now available on Ravelry and is part of my year long campaign of 10 sweaters for Warm Woolies.
The yarn is Fisherman's Wool by Lion Brand in natural that I dyed with black walnut hulls last fall.  I'm working on a second using some Knit Picks someone on Ravelry was kind enough to share with me for the price of shipping and will have photos up soon!

I am also working on Rusted Root, a cute t-shirt that should be done tonight! Photos soon on that too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Obviously, Valentine's Day has passed. But part of my gift arrived today!  Ta-da!

I love it!  Its so soft.  Its 3.7 oz of BFL from The Vildish Twist.  Price was great too!  

I started the 2009 Sock Marathon inspired by the 2008 Sock Marathon with Lime and Violet, and have already finished one pair of socks.  These are made from Misti Alpaca Handpainted Lace that was given to my for my birth
day by my friend V:

These are Jaywalkers by Grumperina (free on Ravelry). 

I am also knitting for charity like crazy. I finally put together the wool squares I had been working on and will be sending that out to Macuwita Sni (group on Yahoo and Ravelry).

Last but not least, the SHOP is up!  Plenty of hand dyed sock weight and lace weight yarns by myself and Alison, that are inspired by law school!  Fun stuff!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Year

I've been putting off posting, thinking I'll have a great one to cover my winter break.  Instead, I find myself in February and no post.  So I'll quickly sum-up. 

Exams blew, Christmas was great, New Years was great and then classes started too quickly!

There was much crafting in between holidays, and exams, and ultimately it all worked out well grade-wise.  (Suprisingly well)

Since classes started though I've been busy.  I am trying to fit 10 hours in a week with my externship so I spend all day everyday in a combination of classes and externship.  Its not hard work, really, but I don't get the long breaks that I've come to associate with college.  Now its more like a real job, which is fine, but I'm missing those nice naptime breaks, or when I could get homework done in the middle of the day.

Now I try and do homework during the day but sometimes end up not finishing it until the evening.  I don't like this, and it stresses me out, because I'm afraid sometimes I'll forget.  But something's got to stress me out, right? Mostly it works out ok though, so no big deal.

And now for something completely different:

Max with my sock yarn stash. I am competing? in the Sock Yarn Marathon for 2009, inspired by (and sanctioned by?) Lime and Violet's Sock Yarn Marathon of 2007.  (or was it 2008?)  I have a goal of knitting all of it, and I'm already fast at work, since it started yesterday.  I am actually finding myself attracted to the below Waves of Grain scarf.

There is some Misti Alpaca in there (the greys), some Socks that Rock (the skein of purple), some handdyed by me (black), Plymouth yarns (purple/blues) and some Chinese sock yarn (green and pink). The teal blue is a second from a friend, but I think its pretty.

This is Hey Teach by Helene Rush.  I used Red Heart Recycled Cotton that I picked up at Michaels with a gift card so it is really my parents-in-law's gift to me.  Also a really fast knit. I think I made it in like five days.

This is a vintage Caryn handspun from some of my very first yarn. This might actually be the first, I'm not sure. Its definitely the Ashford roving that they sell at Main Street, and I don't know what pattern I used. It is pre-Ravelry, so there's no telling.

This is the scarf I was talking about.  I am being so attracted to lace-weight yarn right now. But since I don't wear shawls (for obvious reasons), I am embarking on a voyage of scarves.  (I have four more skeins of lace-weight waiting in the wings)  This is Waves of Grain by Rosemary Hill.  Its getting really easy after the beginning bit with the beads, and it is my first beaded project too.  I used Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, which is 100% alpaca and it is just amazingly soft.

This has not been knit, but has been dyed this light green color by putting it into the dyepot after I overdyed something for a friend.  This is two skeins of alpaca handspun that I spun off of a batt, so its approximately 4 oz. I had never spun alpaca, or off a batt, so it is a little more bumpy than I would have liked.  But I really didn't like the white, so I threw it in the pot and it turned out this lovely mint green color.

Lastly, the blanket all of these are shown on is my quilt that I made. I used Angry Chicken's book, Bend the Rules Sewing and it was so easy and made such a beautiful quilt, I know I'll make more.  I have also made a wallet, although I don't have a picture of that.  I highly recommend the book, even if you know the basics of sewing, if you need some inspiration for some easy but pretty projects.