Thursday, February 19, 2009


Obviously, Valentine's Day has passed. But part of my gift arrived today!  Ta-da!

I love it!  Its so soft.  Its 3.7 oz of BFL from The Vildish Twist.  Price was great too!  

I started the 2009 Sock Marathon inspired by the 2008 Sock Marathon with Lime and Violet, and have already finished one pair of socks.  These are made from Misti Alpaca Handpainted Lace that was given to my for my birth
day by my friend V:

These are Jaywalkers by Grumperina (free on Ravelry). 

I am also knitting for charity like crazy. I finally put together the wool squares I had been working on and will be sending that out to Macuwita Sni (group on Yahoo and Ravelry).

Last but not least, the SHOP is up!  Plenty of hand dyed sock weight and lace weight yarns by myself and Alison, that are inspired by law school!  Fun stuff!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Year

I've been putting off posting, thinking I'll have a great one to cover my winter break.  Instead, I find myself in February and no post.  So I'll quickly sum-up. 

Exams blew, Christmas was great, New Years was great and then classes started too quickly!

There was much crafting in between holidays, and exams, and ultimately it all worked out well grade-wise.  (Suprisingly well)

Since classes started though I've been busy.  I am trying to fit 10 hours in a week with my externship so I spend all day everyday in a combination of classes and externship.  Its not hard work, really, but I don't get the long breaks that I've come to associate with college.  Now its more like a real job, which is fine, but I'm missing those nice naptime breaks, or when I could get homework done in the middle of the day.

Now I try and do homework during the day but sometimes end up not finishing it until the evening.  I don't like this, and it stresses me out, because I'm afraid sometimes I'll forget.  But something's got to stress me out, right? Mostly it works out ok though, so no big deal.

And now for something completely different:

Max with my sock yarn stash. I am competing? in the Sock Yarn Marathon for 2009, inspired by (and sanctioned by?) Lime and Violet's Sock Yarn Marathon of 2007.  (or was it 2008?)  I have a goal of knitting all of it, and I'm already fast at work, since it started yesterday.  I am actually finding myself attracted to the below Waves of Grain scarf.

There is some Misti Alpaca in there (the greys), some Socks that Rock (the skein of purple), some handdyed by me (black), Plymouth yarns (purple/blues) and some Chinese sock yarn (green and pink). The teal blue is a second from a friend, but I think its pretty.

This is Hey Teach by Helene Rush.  I used Red Heart Recycled Cotton that I picked up at Michaels with a gift card so it is really my parents-in-law's gift to me.  Also a really fast knit. I think I made it in like five days.

This is a vintage Caryn handspun from some of my very first yarn. This might actually be the first, I'm not sure. Its definitely the Ashford roving that they sell at Main Street, and I don't know what pattern I used. It is pre-Ravelry, so there's no telling.

This is the scarf I was talking about.  I am being so attracted to lace-weight yarn right now. But since I don't wear shawls (for obvious reasons), I am embarking on a voyage of scarves.  (I have four more skeins of lace-weight waiting in the wings)  This is Waves of Grain by Rosemary Hill.  Its getting really easy after the beginning bit with the beads, and it is my first beaded project too.  I used Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, which is 100% alpaca and it is just amazingly soft.

This has not been knit, but has been dyed this light green color by putting it into the dyepot after I overdyed something for a friend.  This is two skeins of alpaca handspun that I spun off of a batt, so its approximately 4 oz. I had never spun alpaca, or off a batt, so it is a little more bumpy than I would have liked.  But I really didn't like the white, so I threw it in the pot and it turned out this lovely mint green color.

Lastly, the blanket all of these are shown on is my quilt that I made. I used Angry Chicken's book, Bend the Rules Sewing and it was so easy and made such a beautiful quilt, I know I'll make more.  I have also made a wallet, although I don't have a picture of that.  I highly recommend the book, even if you know the basics of sewing, if you need some inspiration for some easy but pretty projects.