Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stitches South

Mom and I went to Stitches South yesterday and had a good time. I took a (much needed) break from studying, although it was hard to get back to work today and not cast-on or start spinning! (Exams start tomorrow) No photographs from the event, unfortunately, since the company that hosts it won't allow them. But it was nice, nonetheless.

The loot:

I think I really made my dollar stretch, although I do have to admit there were some cash infusions throughout the event. While Stitches was fun... I have to say I think SAFF is better.

I may be biased. Firstly, I'm a spinner. There wasn't much roving at Stitches.  There was some great stuff, see Ashland bay (yellow) and Lisa Souza BFL above, plus the unpurchased but much ogled the Knit Witch, Gale's Art Fibers, and SpinKnit Amia.

But the spinning wasn't the focus; mass-produced yarns I can buy at my great local yarn shop was the focus. I was very surprised by this. I mean, Stitches was held in Atlanta. But if you're in Atlanta, you can go to the great Atlanta and North Georgia area yarn shops and buy everything there! (That's not true-you can only buy most of the yarn there!) In fact, some of the biggest booths were local yarn shops. (Of course, Webs, Yarn Universe and Discount Yarn Sale were there too; see Sockotta above)

I'm all for supporting local yarn shops-heck, I do it all the time (to the detriment of my checking balance). But I was hoping for more indie dyers like SAFF. There were some awesome ones, but I was spoiled by SAFF and the amazing variety and number of small indie dyers.

I scored some dyes from Indie Dyer which was great because I got to see the colors in a sample skein and saved on shipping. I have at least two pounds of undyed roving waiting to be colored with some beautiful shades! 

Overall verdict: Fun couple of hours but no SAFF. I'll be in attendance next year, but I'm booking a hotel for SAFF too!

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