Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Whirlwind

The whirlwind is the last few weeks of a semester in which you realize you have two papers to write, two outlines to do, a journal, a case plan, a learning appraisal, forty more internship hours, club elections and oh yeah, just a little bit more reading for class.

I am swept up in the whirlwind at the moment.

I was momentarily stunned last week when I realized my wrists hurt. Like oh my GOD hurt. They ache in the middle but over time the pain radiates into my hands. After two visits to the health center, a blood test, and a trip to Care Medical, I officially have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Although pain is not a common symptom, when doing the other carpal tests, I do have the numbness associated with carpal tunnel. So the pain=carpal tunnel syndrome.

So what is a 2L to do? Pop ibuprofin, wear wrist splints at night and after class, and continue typing (and knitting). Really, what am I supposed to do? I'm sorry, but not type is not an option. Clearly I am typing now, and yes, it hurts. But I have TWO PAPERS AND TWO OUTLINES TO WRITE. Not to mention the myriad of assorted nonsense that is the other assignments. In real life (i.e. not high school or undergrad), some times you have to suck it up. This is not a pregnancy, or appendicitis or other assorted maladies that often plague law students who are a) in the prime of their young adulthood and b) so overwhelmed with stress that their body rebels in weird ways. This is just some wrist pain. 

So typing away I go. I've written 25 pages in the last three weeks, mostly in the last three days, for one paper. I've written 0 pages for the other. (That is this weekend's project). There will be more typing, and then there will be rest. 

Knitting also hurts my wrists. And my knitting usually comes at the end of the day (i.e. when I've already typed all day and my wrists already hurt). But knitting is a requirement in my life. It's stress relief. If I didn't have my projects to focus on I would stress about law school and life in general. Its a trade off: slightly more wrist pain but calm mind. Yoga would help too but I don't have the time for that during the whirlwind.

I complain, but I am very lucky. Carpal tunnel syndrome is no broken leg, or real serious injury that many people suffer from. Its a little painful, but I'll deal. And hey, the wrist brace is kind of hot. (In a really weird way-but its the little things)

On the knitting side: I have finished my third pair of socks this year (2009). My goal was to use up three more skeins, the sum total of the sock yarn I owned at the start of 2009. One skein may be out of the running as I have determined it requires a size 0 needle. There are two problems to that requirement: 1) I do not own a size 0 needle which would require at least $14 of investment money I do not have and 2) the particular pattern I liked required that I get gauge for the cables. (Absinthe from Knitty) A third problem (which I thought I solved with the pattern choice) was that the color of this yarn is a solid sage green. Solid. I don't like to knit with solid-its too boring. It took me hours to find the pattern-only to discover my gauge was much too wrong.

Oh well; here are the socks I did finish. Fruit Loops, also from an earlier edition of Knitty, in yarn purchased at Main Street.

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