Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I don't like beer, but...

The Most Interesting Man in the World: I don't like beer, but these are some of the cleverest commercials I've seen in a long time.  "He can disarm you with his mind. Or his hands."

So its hot.  Today was the hottest yet, although tomorrow we're looking at 100.  Ugh.  Tomorrow I have to go to class, so I have to walk a ways from my parking downtown.  That means I get hot and sweaty before I go into class for THREE hours.  Spring is definitely my favorite season. 

I also am suffering from some serious mosquito bites I received while washing my car on Sunday with DH.  He wore pants (smart) and I had already gotten a bunch of bites before I thought about putting on repellant.  Then I decided it was already too late so I didn't put any on.  I am regretting that decision.  Today I slathered it on for our walk.  

I've been knitting, but nothing major to show right now.  I'm working on a pair of socks by my friend Melanie of Lotus Yarns.  I'll post some pictures soon.

Here's a funny picture of Max trying to get a tennis ball out of the tennis ball holder.  He loves tennis balls.

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