Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer has arrived

So I'm blogging instead of walking to the bus stop. I started to do that, and then got to the end of the driveway and realized I will be in no shape to spend nearly 2 hours with 12 other people if I do that.  So I'll drive and now I have an extra 45 minutes.

I've been knitting a lot.  Coursework is minimal since its a certification based course for mediation, so we don't have cases to read.  We have some reading, but its not hard.  Participation and giving the role playing a try counts towards our grades, so I just have to really *be there*  during class.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon helping Melanie of Lotus Yarns dye yarn for the Sock Summit in August.  We had a great time, got a bunch of skeins dyed up, and chatted about crafting, cooking and whatever.  Be sure to check out her website, she's got a few for sale and can always take custom orders :)

On Saturday, Ellen, Mom and I went to ICE Atlanta, the Indie Craft Experience held at Centennial Olympic Park.  It was great, although I was disappointed in the lack of fiber crafts.  Some of my favorite booths were:

Ex Libris Anonymous: This company takes unwanted hardback books with cool vintage and retro covers and makes a journal out of the cover and back and the first few pages.  It makes a really great product and I really want one!  I was out of money by the time I got to the booth, however, but I'm sure I'll pick one up soon.

Just Add Honey: This company produces teas and had awesome iced tea for sale at the fair.  With temperatures creeping towards 90, we were ready for a drink but this was a great and delicious alternative to soda and bottled water.  It inspired me to go home and make some iced passion tea I had in the cabinet and am now enjoying.

Sublime Stitching: This company produces kits and transferable patterns of quirky and cool embroidery for decorating crafts.  I picked up one with crafting as a theme, and one using Black Apple's designs. (Check out her stuff, she's great too!) I"ll be sure to post whatever I end up embroidering with these designs.  

Whipstitch Fabrics: This is a fabric store in Atlanta that carries awesome lines of fabric for the modern sewer.  I got some delightful fabric pieces that coordinate and I can't wait to figure out what I'll make with them.

All of these booths, and more, got me really energized about crafting.  I've picked up a few charity projects I was working on and am now working towards Six for Six for Warm Woolies. 
This project is geared towards size 6 children's garments and after finishing a pair of socks for the Ten for Ten campaign, I cast on a vest using assorted bulky weight wool I had lying around.  My goal is to both make the requisite projects for these campaigns and use up the yarn I have lying around.  Reducing  my stash is definitely a goal.

This morning I felt like sewing and decided I needed a circular needle holder that I could display the needles on.  Here's the result:

The needles don't quite lay flat yet, but I'm hoping that they'll loosen up and I won't have the problems with needles twisting when I knit with them.  

My goal for the summer is to post each week.  Let's see how that goes :)

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