Friday, July 31, 2009

Winning with the Kalashnikov

The title to this entry is the title of a book a homeless man was reading downtown today. I should say that I don't know for sure if he was homeless, since he was reading and not panhandling as our local homeless usually do. He could have had a home, and just dressed like a homeless person.

At any rate, that was the book title. Surprisingly, that title is listed on, but there are no summaries. A further googling informed me it is actually a book about chess moves. Much less dramatic but equally interesting. He's not a homeless man who is homicidal, he is a homeless man who is really into chess. I guess you have to spend your time somehow in Tent City.

On the knitting front, I have what the Yarn Harlot has called "Cast-On-Itis." Or at least I think it was her. She is the "Oprah" of the knitting world (Thank you Nate!). To be fair, I did finish one project today. But then I committed myself to making five preemie bereavement outfits for a hospital in the Virgin Islands. They do go fast, but they are knit with acrylic and make my hands hurt. There is no set charity, that I know of, but they go directly to the hospital.

Well, I'm done for now. Signing off.

Just finished project on Tuesday:

Monday, July 27, 2009

The end of July already!

Wow, DH and I were figuring out a camping trip and realized it is nearly August. Where did my summer go? Its nearly time for classes again... and I am excited. I'm not nearly as excited to graduate as I might have been if the economy was better, but I'm pretty highly ranked at a good school and have some skills... if I do say so myself.

This month, when I wasn't travelling to Chicago (or Chi-town as the obnoxious guy on the plane in front of us insisted on referring to it as), I was participating in the Tour de Fleece. This consisted of spinning yarn every day that the Tour de France raced. It was a lot easier than the real Tour, but I definitely didn't burn as much calories.

Instead, I produced this:

I'm pretty proud. There's some mill ends I dyed from The Sheep Shed Studio (purple in the back), blue-faced leicester from Susannah I carded myself (green in back left), a few ounces of alpaca spun to laceweight in the center (naturally colored), yellow and red (in the front) organic merino batts from Spinspanspun, and 2 ounces of cormo (also from Susannah) still on the bobbin.

And in other news... my car is broken (sob). Only 4 months after the warranty expired, my car's alternator and battery died and left us stranded at DH's parents' house. We were able to jump it and drive it home, but that was a stressful (and hot-with no air conditioning) hour. Today I got the diagnosis and I am very upset. This is ridiculous, for a 3 year old car to need a new altnerator.

We'll see what happens next. Maybe the dealer will come through for me.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour de Fleece

The Tour de France started yesterday, and while I am not a particularly big fan of cycling (not that its showing at any decent time), I am participating in the Tour de Fleece, mainly on This is a challenge for spinners to spin every day, resting on the rest days of the tour, and challenging myself on the challenging (read: mountain) days. Yesterday and today I have kept up, spinning two 1.8 ounce organic merino batts from that I couldn't resist.

Other than that, my class is about to end. I have my final mediation on Thursday, and after that I will be able to register as a court-annexed mediator. I'm contemplating some business cards, since there is no requirement that you be an attorney to be a mediator. If I had some made now, I could keep them after I graduate, provided my email and phone number don't change.

Tonight I posted some handspun on It is like our Locally Grown website, except the only items available are crafts like soap, yarn and well... anything. Its pretty neat. I don't know that I will sell any yarn, but I figure I could find a home for some and use that money to buy more roving... or pay bills. You know, the important things in life.

Aside from being addicted to New Moon by Stephanie Meyers for the last 48 hours (I finally finished it today), that's about it. Feeding the neighbors dogs, spinning, reading and trying to get the motivation to start a job hunt.

I'm setting a goal for myself: this week I make an appointment with the career services people to talk about my plan. I will do that, I think.

Today I sewed a dress but it needs to be pressed and also I need to find a slip or something. The fabric is shirting material, so its not really suited to the dress. I might put a lining on it, or possibly find a slip.

Here's some photos of today and yesterday's spinning. I've started a couple of cool projects that I'll share when I finish them.