Monday, July 27, 2009

The end of July already!

Wow, DH and I were figuring out a camping trip and realized it is nearly August. Where did my summer go? Its nearly time for classes again... and I am excited. I'm not nearly as excited to graduate as I might have been if the economy was better, but I'm pretty highly ranked at a good school and have some skills... if I do say so myself.

This month, when I wasn't travelling to Chicago (or Chi-town as the obnoxious guy on the plane in front of us insisted on referring to it as), I was participating in the Tour de Fleece. This consisted of spinning yarn every day that the Tour de France raced. It was a lot easier than the real Tour, but I definitely didn't burn as much calories.

Instead, I produced this:

I'm pretty proud. There's some mill ends I dyed from The Sheep Shed Studio (purple in the back), blue-faced leicester from Susannah I carded myself (green in back left), a few ounces of alpaca spun to laceweight in the center (naturally colored), yellow and red (in the front) organic merino batts from Spinspanspun, and 2 ounces of cormo (also from Susannah) still on the bobbin.

And in other news... my car is broken (sob). Only 4 months after the warranty expired, my car's alternator and battery died and left us stranded at DH's parents' house. We were able to jump it and drive it home, but that was a stressful (and hot-with no air conditioning) hour. Today I got the diagnosis and I am very upset. This is ridiculous, for a 3 year old car to need a new altnerator.

We'll see what happens next. Maybe the dealer will come through for me.

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