Friday, July 31, 2009

Winning with the Kalashnikov

The title to this entry is the title of a book a homeless man was reading downtown today. I should say that I don't know for sure if he was homeless, since he was reading and not panhandling as our local homeless usually do. He could have had a home, and just dressed like a homeless person.

At any rate, that was the book title. Surprisingly, that title is listed on, but there are no summaries. A further googling informed me it is actually a book about chess moves. Much less dramatic but equally interesting. He's not a homeless man who is homicidal, he is a homeless man who is really into chess. I guess you have to spend your time somehow in Tent City.

On the knitting front, I have what the Yarn Harlot has called "Cast-On-Itis." Or at least I think it was her. She is the "Oprah" of the knitting world (Thank you Nate!). To be fair, I did finish one project today. But then I committed myself to making five preemie bereavement outfits for a hospital in the Virgin Islands. They do go fast, but they are knit with acrylic and make my hands hurt. There is no set charity, that I know of, but they go directly to the hospital.

Well, I'm done for now. Signing off.

Just finished project on Tuesday:

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Robert Lobdell said...

Caryn you are a wonder. I used to think you were so energetic because of your age. I think is goes way beyond that. You have compassion, love and genuine concern not only for family, friends but total strangers. God Bless you and keep you always.