Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3L year

So... classes have started. I really am liking my classes, although they can be boring. Legal Profession and Pension and Employee Benefit Law, for example. They just sound boring when you read them.

DH and I are in the midst of battling an epic flea battle in our new house. That is new house as in new RENTAL house. I posted on Facebook that we were going to go work in our new house and everyone freaked out. Remind me not to post anything slightly vague or someone might think I'm pregnant. (I'm not!)

So we found this awesome 3 bedroom 1 bath house with adorable hardwood floors and trim, a ridiculously dated kitchen and a fenced in back yard. Its behind the hospital (ARMC) and is within walking distance for DH. Oh, and its in our budget.

But it has fleas! So bad!!! I have never had a flea infestation in my house and now we do. Luckily we overlapped the lease for this place with our current lease so we havent officially moved in yet, but we are anxiously awaiting moving in. We painted all of the rooms (except my office and bathroom) and then I painted all of the trim so it is fresh and clean. After 2 flea bombs and 2 professional exterminator visits, we may have finally solved the problem. I certainly hope so, but I am not sure since the exterminator just left this evening.

I hate using such strong chemicals but poor Max is very allergic to flea bites. When he gets just one he scratches and scratches. With just a few bites last weekend I had to get him some steroids to avoid him losing too much fur (and possibly getting an infection from scratching himself raw). I'm looking into some more natural solutions to keep fighting these fleas (b/c I've read they take a while to really get rid of) and have some options.

But this weekend is my best friend's wedding and I will be busy with wedding stuff, being the matron of honor and all that. Next weekend, my birthday weekend, we'll be renting a truck and moving everything. We've got a lot moved, but have more to go.

My most recent obsession is this book: Made from Scratch by Jenna Woginrich. I found it while walking through my local library in the New section and absolutely loved it. DH loved it too. Its all about this woman (only 2 years older than me) attempting to homestead while working a regular corporate job, and having no history of farming. DH pointed out that a lot of the stuff she didn't know about homesteading was stuff he knew, but he grew up in the country. Most of what she learned and describes in the book was stuff I didn't know either. In fact, the only things I knew that she didn't was the stuff about the fiddle. I played the viola in school and while taking lessons when we lived in Raleigh, I learned the basics of fiddling (from a real blue grass fiddler).

Knitting wise: been cranking out crap for sure. Not so many pictures though.