Sunday, October 4, 2009

Camping in Helen

As I write this, DH and I are watching "My Monkey Baby" on TLC. It is absolutely ridiculous. I have serious problems with people owning monkeys as pets. But that is for animal welfare and animal rights reasons. I have problems with people owning monkeys as pets and treating them like babies for personal reasons. I guess its a personal reason. The actual reason is I think its seriously messed up.

A real quote "when people say she's a monkey, I get mad. She's my daughter."

And, without further ado, videos from our camping trip:



We went to Andrew's Cove, a campground inside the Chattahoochee National Forest about four miles north of Helen, Ga. It was just a dry run so we didn't plan on being gone for very long. Neither of us had planned a camping trip ourselves, but had gone with other people, so we gave it a try. It was pretty successful, except we forgot some tinder to start the fire with and also utensils. It worked out though. (I drove to Helen and bought firestarter and some BBQ with utensils)

Ugh. This show is like a train wreck. I can't pull myself away, and I can't keep watching. These people have an unhealthy obsession with these monkeys. Also, a couple decided to get a monkey instead of having children and then went to the breeder's house and even saw the disgusting kennel she had. It was sad. Although I can't complain that these people are choosing not to have children. I'm afraid for the state of Arkansas with all those Duggars running around.

Ok now one of the monkey owners is calling her pet psychic to find out if "Slick Willy" ate one of her thyroid pills that went missing. Seriously. That woman is nutsy, but that "psychic" is kind of messed up for chancing that kind of thing. I mean, if that monkey had eaten the pill, even the psychic (who is obviously just taking advantage of pet owners) would feel bad if it died.

Oh dear. I'll have to have more knitting content in a day or so. I'm unable to tear myself away from this show and its just full of craziness. I really hope this isn't a series.

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